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  • If you're ready to die, we can step into the street right now. jacoby blinked and his jaw tightened, but he did nothing for a moment; then he turned and stalked off, pushing past others come to settle their debts with the Krondor Grain Traders Association.

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    He spun his cigarette into the darkness, turned and walked quite slowly along the lobby into the -living-room.

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  • Zaibar swayed forwards, his hand going to his sword hilt.
  • I dont know if they thought she couldnt understand them, or dont know how keen her hearing is.
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    She'd also supplied a folded sheet of paper that showed a detailed plot map of the particular section we'd be visiting.
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    Get plenty of garlic into the men, and supplement it with blueberries.
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    Corran worked the humming lightsaber blade through an infinity loop.
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  • You're the one who's going to die, and I hope I'm the one who does it.

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    A picture of the orbiter had come up on the big screen at the front of the FCR.

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    The ability to create a new species was a mark of prestige or a symbol of ability above and beyond the status of being an Adept.

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    You offer to do that which is correct in the eyes of nearly everyone who remembers the time of the plague, she responded, trying to keep her tone from revealing her suspicions, even annoyance.
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  • I'd maybe shoot a fella in the dark, but I don't maul nobody with a fence stake no more.

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    I was going through a few hard drives a while ago and came across a video that Allen Luke made, this was the last year we had a full “old school” AT where we went and played Army in the woods for 2 weeks, after this we were getting ready for and deploying to Iraq and when we came back annual trainings like this were gone, it’s now only “lanes training” and such.. Anyhow, I talked to Allen about posting [...]

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    The Ringlord would suck the very power and thought from him, so that all would forsake his allegiance and follow the Ringlord, and they would serve him and worship him as a God.

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  • Black, ropy masses lay tumbled before us, hot and hard; sharp shards waited underfoot for us to stumble on and slash ourselves if we fell.

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  • The wealth phase is to the Day-Master as a son is to his stern father.

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  • Somehow those weren't the words she had been looking for.

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  • We killed both of them, but I never felt that bad about it, to be honest.

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