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Every day I talk to someone that is either elated or completely bummed out when they find out what their page rank currently is. I of course will reply telling them that it’s great news when its high, and when its low I tell them not to worry about it quite so much, and then[...]

Monetize Your Site Easily Using Datafeeds


Website monetization is a task that every website owner should be focusing on, as times change it is critical to stay up to date on all the various methods one can use to increase site earnings. One of the best ways to make money with a site online is to sell products for other people, there are numerous ways to do this but the best in my opinion is to use a datafeed that is provided by a retailer which [...]

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    Her London solicitors had given her very full briefs on pilot Peter Grant and engineer Angus McNeil.

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  • Maybe Sarah was right: It was too big for them.

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  • Bloggers: Write Your Content 3 Times Faster

    blog 3 times faster

    Are you a blogger? Have you ever sat and stared at the screen wishing you had more fingers or an extra hand while waiting for words to just appear because you lack the motivation to start typing? Well, there is a pretty awesome answer to this problem. Voice dictation software has made significant progress in recent years and is finally to the point where the technology works well enough (in my opinion) to use for things like blog posting, emails and so [...]

    2003 Annual Training Video for B-CO 1-128IN


    I was going through a few hard drives a while ago and came across a video that Allen Luke made, this was the last year we had a full “old school” AT where we went and played Army in the woods for 2 weeks, after this we were getting ready for and deploying to Iraq and when we came back annual trainings like this were gone, it’s now only “lanes training” and such.. Anyhow, I talked to Allen about posting [...]

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    Does Blog Posting Frequency Matter?

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    Avoiding The Mock's skills and reach would likely entail a good deal of moving around.

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    blog posting frequency

    Not that many people have noticed ;-) but my blog posting frequency went from often to almost not at all since last May. I changed my blog posting frequency for a number of reasons but one of them was because I had gotten into a conversation with a friend about the importance of blog posting frequency for bloggers. We discussed several opinions but really had little data to use as a factual reference so I decided to use this blog [...]

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    Great news about a Hostgator Black Friday Discount. If you have ever thought about having a website this very well could be the best time ever to grab an account from Hostgator and save up to 80% off on your initial hosting invoice. Starting at 5am Hostgator will be offering 80% off hosting accounts, this means you could pay $35.64 for 3 FULL YEARS! For those who don’t want to get up at 5am to grab the craziest Hostgator Black [...]

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    Memorial Day Discount: Honor Our Heroes By Helping Those Still Among Us


    As a Iraq Veteran Memorial Day is a very special day to me, I no longer see it simply as a day to take off from work and make a long weekend on the lake like I did when I was younger. Memorial Day is a day to pay respect and give thanks to those who lost their lives defending our great country and to be mindful that there are many disabled veterans that we can help by donating or [...]

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